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Historical Museum open

The Garden City Historical Museum is open Wednesdays and Saturdays.

CDC Guidelines will be followed until further notice.
Our new exhibit, Toys of Yesterday
is now open!

Parking lot Update!

The much needed repairs to our parking lot have been completed!

Take a look at the video below, or better yet, stop by in person to see how great it looks!

Check our our list of generous donors.

We did it! Thank you all!!

Parking Lot Progress

Thank you to everyone that donated towards out parking lot resurfacing. We are paid in full!

Thank you to everyone who has donated

(in no particular order)

Barbara Levantrosser
Debra Eleson
Mark Gutman
Lauren O’Meara
Roxanne Mueller
George Green
Diane Kurgan
Karen Franklin
Kathy & Rick Wisniewski
Rose Freeman
Barbara Keough
Jacquline Perrydore
Barson’s Greenhouse

Pat Collins
Dorothy Sweda
Alice Geletzke
Jack Kerstetter
Nancy Quinn
Norman & Denise Weakland
Deanna Kietur
Sandy Birrell
Ingred Anderson
Vivian Chamberline
Carol & Marshall Hill
Natalie Thurmond
Donna and Steve Peper

Patience & Ralph Hotton
John Dunnigan
Arlo & Judith Straight
Juanita Suchy
Charles Skinner
Beverly England
Penny Klei
Susan Straight Powell
Dennis & Irene Pottock
Theresa Leszczynski
Sharon & Michael Lawrence
Merry White
Chelsea Rushlow

Our parking lot has been resurfaced and
re-striped. We were even able to add a few more parking spots. Next we’ll add a little landscaping around the edges. Check out the short video to the left to see the progress!

We preserve Garden City’s History

The Garden City Historical Museum

The history of Garden City carefully preserved and beautifully displayed.

The Grande Parlour

The perfect venue for parties, showers, or meetings of any kind.

ArTING at the farmhouse

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Take a look at some of our past events

We have a great photo gallery with numerous photos of past event. Click below to check it out.

Over the years, We have had a variety of exhibits. Click below to view some of the photos.

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