The Straight Farmhouse has been the scene of unexplained occurrences dating back to the 1970s. Employees of former companies that conducted business in the Farmhouse report uneasy feelings, sounds, and other unusual activity. They were often reluctant to share their stories.

The Friends of the Garden City Historical Museum purchased the Farmhouse in 2004 to house the Garden City Historical Museum. In mid-2006 artifacts from the museum began arriving.  Then began the arduous task of organizing and displaying those artifacts.

As volunteers work on displays after their work day, they were often at the Farmhouse late into the night. It was not uncommon for volunteers to be in the house until 2a.m. They began hearing things in the old Farmhouse, especially after midnight. They would often joke, “Get ready, it’s almost 12am!”

Footsteps are often heard climbing the staircase to the second floor. Dishes breaking on the first floor, yet upon investigation nothing is found out of place. Once in a while the sound of pots and pans clanging softly can be heard in what was the original kitchen of the Farmhouse. But there is so much more.

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experiences at a recent investigation at The Farmhouse

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At a paranormal investigation in 2008, apparitions were seen in the second floor. On another occasion, an apparition was seen on the property from a second story window. This time he communicated with those in the building, asking them to let his family know ‘…he was alright’. EVPs have been captured; psychics have felt the presence of many spirits.
The stories of hauntings go on and on. That is one of the reasons the Friends of the Garden City Historical Museum (FGCHM) have decided to open the Farmhouse up to paranormal investigations. The challenge was how to do so scientifically and respectfully to the spirits and the history we preserve.
The FGCHM have decided to partner with paranormal investigators Grimstone, Inc.  Grimstone Inc. has been one of the longest continually running paranormal research organizations in the Midwest. They have been providing over 25 years of services to regions including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.
Grimstone, Inc. will be handling our investigations and classes. For more information, or to sign up for an event, please visit the Grimstone, Inc. on Facebook at  or on their website at:
To purchase tickets for an upcoming event/investigation, visit:
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